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How to get tickets to San Diego Comic Con

Obtaining tickets for SDCC is like a lottery system. Due to the high interest, some people wait for years to get drawn for the badge sale, while others are lucky the first time trying.

However, knowing the ticketing process can help to reach your goal faster: 

  • Create a Comic-Con Member ID account on the official SDCC website prior to the badge sale which is called “Open Online Registration”.
  • Approximately one hour before the sale, you must join a virtual waiting room. The system randomly chooses people who will be allowed to proceed to the actual sale. 
  • If you are lucky and get picked, you have fifteen minutes to purchase your badge (and two others with confirmed Comic-Con Member IDs). Hereby you select the day(s) you like to attend (depending on the availability). Currently, a day ticket costs between 50 and 70 dollars. Badges are not transferable and cannot be resold.

If you are a creator yourself, an educator, or a librarian you can also try to apply for a professional badge. There are also limited press badges available. Another option is to work as a volunteer during the convention. 

And finally, if you have already attended the SDCC the year before, you can take part in an earlier sale window called “Returning Registration” which technically works the same as the “Open Online Registration”. It is expected to happen in autumn 2023. As soon as we can confirm the exact date, we will let you know.

Good luck for the SDCC 2023 registration!

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